The clean print-head function of the printer is very important part that we should always to look to in the computer software. Sometimes we are confuse and we tend to forget to look for the print-head because of our daily routine that we made to printer. We are just printing photos, images, copying documents and printing papers. But it’s very important to check if the print-head is well-functioning or not.

However, we forget where this clean print-head is functioning. In this article, it will show you that confusion. The clean print-head function will be looking at your computer settings. 

How do I clean my printer heads from my computer?

Here are the quick steps:

  1. Open the Setting and open the Printer Driver Setup Window
  2. In the maintenance tab, find and click Cleaning, when the dialog box shows the Print Head Cleaning, click it and that is the time for you to clean and just follow some tutorial there.
  3. After that, you can now Execute Cleaning.
  4. Click Complete Cleaning after showing the Nozzle Check Dialog Box.
  5. Finally Check the Result

How can I clean an HP printhead from my computer?

Here is the quick rundown that you should follow. This is based from the HP experts:

  1. Open your computer and run the print head function in the settings. 
  2. If the first step doesn’t even work, open the cover of your printer and if the electrical cords are being plugged from the outlet, unplug it now.
  3. Now, remove all ink cartridges and clean the surroundings contacted to it by cloth.

Where is the printhead located?

The cartridges of the printer have its own built-in Print head which is also known as integrated printer cartridges. With this type of printer, the so-called Nozzle Plate is also known as the print-head which is built into the side of the cartridges.

How can I clean the HP Printhead?

On your computer, choose “Printing Preferences“ and click the Service tab. Upon clicking there, you will be given an option to choose Printer Services right in the window. And after that, you can now see the dialog box containing information of Cleaning the Printhead and once you already click it, it will now start the process of cleaning without you physically removing it. 

Where is the Epson print head cleaning utility located?

There is a dialog box in the Epson Printer and access to Epson Printer Utility. Choose which printer is yours, then click it from the given list. Click now the Auto Nozzle Check and Cleaning button which can be found in the Utility dialog box. And after that, you just have to follow the on-screen quick instructions. 

How do I run the PrintHead cleaning cycle on the Computer?

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Choose Toolbox
  3. Click Device Services Tab
  4. Click Clean Printhead
  5. Then, click Clean to begin
  6. Afterwards, just follow the on-screen instructions to continue the cleaning processes.

Final Words

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At this point, the printer print head must always clean and should be regularly checked. It is important to always change whenever there is little damage in the cartridges so that your printer will last longer. Most of the brand of the printer every cartridge is considered as the main part that must have not been removed or vanished. The cleaner the cartridges the better printing jobs may become. Instead of meeting your technician, just find out how these cartridges change and make it on your own so that you can save money.