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Common Copier Leasing & Purchasing Mistakes

Leasing or purchasing a copier is a big decision, so you must make it right. For years, we have seen several folks commit mistakes when leasing and buying a copier, and their choices don’t work out. You can save yourself from possible unfavorable dilemmas if you learn the typical copier leasing and purchasing mistakes. These common mistakes will be revealed in this article, so we suggest you take the time to read further. We will also give a short overview of why investing, leasing, or buying a copier makes sense. 

Usual Mistakes Committed Leasing or Purchasing a Copier

Things can really be daunting if you’re a first-time buyer or negotiating a new lease for a copier machine. No matter how cautious people are, there will always come a time when they commit mistakes when leasing or purchasing a copier. The following are common mistakes you need to avoid so that you can also prevent getting stuck in some restrictive clauses, overpayments, and other potential issues: 

  • Not Clearly Understanding the Lease 

Some people are not good at reading things before signing them. Some salespeople don’t clearly explain what they must do, resulting in not understanding the lease clearly. This is one of the biggest leasing mistakes you need to avoid at all costs. 

Before signing a copier lease, make sure to have a clearer understanding of what you’re getting.  Don’t be scared to ask certain questions like how long is the copier lease? Does the lease have fair market value? Or can modifications to the service contract be made? 

  • Not Knowing the Service Contract

Like the lease, make sure to know what to expect in copier servicing. Like not understanding the lease, people also make the mistake of not knowing the service contract. It’s best to ask about the number of copies, including the rate in case you decide to go over and the networking issues the contract covers. It would also help to ask if the cover can be adjusted yearly. 

  • Thinking that Color Machine is Ultimately Expensive 

Many people and businesses do not consider color copiers, thinking this is ultimately expensive. Believing such is a mistake. The truth is that the color machine does not cost much more than its black and white counterparts. If you’re using an Inkjet machine, a color or multifunctional copier can save you thousands of dollars over purchasing or leasing a copier. 

  • Overbuying or Underbuying 

Buying a copier that’s overkill is a big no. Using a copier that does not meet your business’ needs can be frustrating. Such scenarios can also put your money and time to waste. To prevent this mistake, you need to be realistic about your requirements and budget. Stick with them and ensure to work with a reliable retailer. 

Like life insurance and real estate, you need copiers but not too little or too much. To avoid overbuying, ask yourself if the copier has the features you are looking for, if this fits your space, if it is fast enough and if it can handle the copies you usually make. Another critical question is whether the copier will last for the copier lease term. 

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