How to Make Your Copier Last Long

Having a copier at the office gives everyone some peace of mind knowing that they can rely on the good old copier to do its job of providing quality prints and copies. The excitement at using a state-of-the-art multi-function copier is often felt especially if you have a newly installed unit. If the copy machine has lots of functionalities, then the hubbub within the office is further amplified. So that’s settled. Everyone’s happy and excited to get a chance to use the machine for themselves. This may run for a week or two, but what really matters the moment you have your copy machine at the office, is how you would be able to maintain it?

High-Quality Paper Matters

Every office would implement cost-saving measures to ensure that the expenses that would run for a month would not exceed the budget. However, such must not be the case if you want your copier to last for a long time. You just can’t go cheap when it comes to the items that you use with your copier. One of these would be the paper. Remember that your copier allows the paper to pass through it, exposing your machine to the quality of the paper. If the paper is one that is easily torn or has a lot of debris or shavings, then the possibility that this could get accidentally lodged within the internal components of the machine is high. Any kind of issue on a copier’s internal components would mean higher maintenance cost. Thus, if you had a copier lease Sacramento, better make sure that you only use high-quality products with your machine to prevent this unwanted issue from causing you a headache.

Turn Off the Power

When you are trying to do a cleanup and maintenance of your copier, it is best to turn off the power. This will ensure that you do not get into any electrical accidents. Remember that it is easy to forget this basic requirement especially when you are already time-constrained at the office. So make sure that you turn off the power before you do some cleaning activities. This should be kept in mind if you are using a damp material to clean the machine.

Load Paper Properly

One of the things that could get your machine to go haywire is improperly loaded paper. If you’re not careful whenever you place the paper in the trays, then there’s a possibility that the copy machine will jam. Paper jams are a common problem. However, while there are instances that the jam could easily be dislodged, there are instances when your attempt would lead to a bigger problem. So to avoid this, it is considered as the best practice to properly load the paper in the trays.

Regular Maintenance Service

While you may be able to implement certain tips on how you could preserve your copy machine, it would still be a step in the right direction if you would go for a regular maintenance check. This will ensure that any small issue with your copier is addressed at the earliest thereby preventing it from getting out of hand. Keep in mind that when maintenance problems start to balloon, the cost that it would entail would also go higher. Hence, regular maintenance service checkups are a must.

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These are some of the things that you can do to take care of your copier. Take note of these because these will help ensure that your copier will last you for a long time. Yes, these would all require a bit of diligence from your employees, however, your business will certainly benefit from it in the long run.