5 Education Printing Challenges and Best Practices to Cut Costs

Education printing is a heavy task. Printed materials are mostly handouts, booklets, and modules that require a lot of pages. A lot of pages mean more consumables are needed. Printing these can be very expensive, and cutting costs would be ideal for reducing money waste. However, there are a lot of challenges to face as soon as printing starts. Here are five education printing challenges with the best practices to cut costs.

Printing out of control

With the lack of restrictions regarding printing in schools, expenses can go way out of hand so easily. Loads of cash spent just for printing. Amounting to that are the consumables that are not cheap at all. To lower the bills, one best practice is to monitor printing. As much as possible, schools need to control who has authority to print and lessen unauthorized printing. There is available software that can monitor who prints and detect if the documents are related to the school. Installing that can be of great help to lessen the expenses.

Stockpiles of Printouts

When it comes to volume printing, it’s often realized at the latter part that the printouts are way more expensive than what the school thought. It is sometimes because the school fails in choosing the right machine. Volume printing can be economical as long as the printer is right. Well, unless the printouts need quality, why would you sacrifice cost over it? There is no problem as long as it’s readable and pleasant to the eye. But the best thing that you can do is to consult with someone who has enough knowledge and can give a proper piece of advice on the machine that can do the job.

Securing documents

It is a given fact that students and teachers can’t have separate printers because of limited funding. As a result, sharing printers is the norm. The problem is that when printers are shared, the privacy and confidentiality of some files are at risk. The presence of temptation can lure students to peeking at these files to get ahead and ace an exam. The only way out is to set up a secure print to retain its confidentiality even if the printer is shared. This tool is beneficial in preventing ill-behaved acts.

Printer Access

Accessing printers in schools can be challenging, especially if printers are located somewhere. Aside from that, the accessibility of that printer to certain devices can also be a problem. As a result, lots of time is wasted on installing drivers and pairing printers with computers and mobile phones. To resolve this, set up a follow-me print. This is very efficient since it allows you to print at any printer nearby. It has a cloud-based print queue that is not locked to any printer.

IT Support

Nowadays, digitalization is the trend, but education printing is still necessary. On that note, availing IT support for printing can be costly. Not to mention the prices of consumables are higher than before because inflation is inevitable. However, if the school implements managed print services, unnecessary expenses can be cut.


Challenges in education printing include uncontrolled printing, document security, volume printing, printer access, and IT support. These problems are associated with best practices to cut costs, and it also includes monitored printing, setting up secure print, and follow-me print. These are some solutions that can help schools reduce their expenses on printing. If problems happen and technicalities arise, don’t hesitate to contact the tech team of this site. They will attend to your needs right away.

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