4 Items You Never Thought Of to Clean Your Hands From Ink Spills of Your Printer Toner

Have you ever had your hands get inked due to fixing a printer toner? Whether you own a printer or just using someone else’s printer, it is always a sure thing to have inked hands from the printer toner that is very difficult to remove even if you have repeatedly washed your hands with soap and water. You also get frustrated sometimes because you might end up touching a lot of things that might end up getting dirty too. Since the ink is very difficult to remove, you might end up seeing ink stains on your hands for a few more days before it can get removed from your hands. You might be wondering what can help you remove the ink stains faster so that you won’t have to see them for some time before it fades away after a few days. Here are some items that you can just find inside your house and use to clean your hands from the spilled ink from your printer’s toner.

Rubbing Alcohol

With the situation that is happening around the world, rubbing alcohol has been in demand for the everyday use of each person wherever they go. They can be used to sanitise the hands, dirty surfaces, and even items that need sanitising. They are also very effective in removing the ink stains on your hands. Just pour some on your hands to rub off the stains till it’s gone. Once the ink is gone, you can now wash your hands with soap and water then you can apply lotion to keep your hands from drying out.


Hairsprays are usually used to keep loose strands of hair from moving out of place so that they won’t block line of sight or just to keep them from irritating your face or entering your eyes by accident causing eye irritation. They can also be used to remove ink stains on your hands. All you have to do is to spray it generously on your inked hands and wait for it to dissolve the ink. Once the ink has been dissolved, you can now wash your hands with soap and water and then apply some lotion for you to have supple hands.


Another item that you can use that is surely available in your household is bleach. It is effective in removing stains from surfaces and other stained objects so it is very useful to remove ink stains on your hands. All you have to do is mix ten parts of water with one part of bleach then rub the bleach solution on your inked hands till you can’t see the ink anymore. After removing the ink stains, wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly to remove the bleach on your hands. Then squeeze lemon or lime on your hands and rub them to remove the bleach’s strong smell.

Nail Polish Remover

Another item that you can find in your house that you can use as an ink stain remover is the nail polish remover. It has acetone that can easily dissolve any nail polish so it is a good option for removing ink stains on your hands. It dissolves the ink on your skin the way it dissolves the nail polish on your nails but remains gentle when applied to the ink stain on your hands. When using nail polish, make sure that you won’t spill any on your furniture to prevent finish removal on the surface. After you remove the ink stain using the nail polish remover, wash your hands with soap and water then apply some lotion to prevent your hands from drying out.

Ink stains can be a hassle to remove when you don’t know how you can remove them immediately. The items listed above are just some of the things you can use to clean ink stains on your hands. They are very common products that can be easily found inside your house so you don’t have to worry about how you can remove the ink stains. If you are lacking these items inside your homes, you might want to visit the nearest supermarket near you or you can order them online so you don’t have to get out of the house but just wait for your items to be delivered.

Stain Remover

An item you can use to remove dirt or stain on any object or surface.

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