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Everything You Need To Know About Copier Dealers

Everything You Need To Know About Copier Dealers

As an office manager, business owner or even a buyer of technology for your business, there are so many choices of where to get your next copier and service it in the future. For example, there are the copier repair businesses, the manufacturers or your local authorized copier dealer. 

Not only does getting a copier or printer from a local dealer can help the local economy, but it can also be better for your business. We have all read about the benefits of copier dealers, they are from local businesses and supporting them is really good for the economy. The product that you bought was not shipped from across the country and it adds more money into the local economy, plus it also feels really good to support your neighbors. 

These are all good, but there are so many more reasons for why you should buy from your local copier dealer that could be important to your business. 

What do copier dealers offer?

Talk to anyone who has been in the industry for a long time and they will tell you that local copier dealers give better service. Most people think that since the equipment is from a manufacturer, they can give better service than anyone but that is actually wrong. 

Service technicians go through the same training, whether they come from a manufacturer or a local copier dealer. The manufacturer is not local. Service calls usually have to be checked with their headquarters. This can then turn a 24-hour service into a 72-hour service. 

Also, local deals make decisions faster. Service technicians also tend to be some of the longest-tenured employees so that means they know what they are doing. They have seen it all and that knowledge equals a faster repair and a quicker return to productivity for your business. 

Copier dealers will attempt to diagnose the issue over the phone and they may even help you troubleshoot. Manufacturers’ call centers will usually simply forward contact info to the nearest technician. They do not have the context of the problem, so it takes them long to diagnose. Having at least an idea of what is wrong allows local reps to ensure that they are carrying parts and supplies they are most likely to need when they arrive at the customer’s office. 

Manufacturer direct will have products for that certain manufacturer. On the other hand, local dealers carry equipment from numerous companies. Copier dealers allow better mix-and-match equipment to make custom-fit printing solutions for their customers based on equipment speeds, output options, and even pricing.

Another advantage of doing business with a copier dealer is that they have loyal employees who stick around. They know their customers and how their services can help their customers best and how customers can achieve their business goals. Printing costs are between 2% to 4% of a business’s revenue. You want to know the person selling and advising you understands what they are talking about, and will be around to help you in the future. 

And of course, they provide better billing support. The invoices that they send out are extremely accurate. Manufacturers usually send invoices with mistakes on them because most of the work is not done by just one base. Plus calling customer service for manufacturers means that you will be passed around and most likely, they won’t understand your problem. For local copier dealers, they are accountable and they concentrate on their customers. Some even visited their customers to explain the invoice to them face-to-face. If you are in Sacramento and if you have questions about your invoice, you can contact your copier leasing in Sacramento or you can choose a copier leasing in Sacramento

Why contact copier dealers?

You have two choices when buying or leasing copiers and printers, they are manufacturer direct or locally authorized dealers. Copier dealers can give you all the perks and benefits that a manufacturer can’t like support and dealing with you personally. 

If you are in Sacramento and you need a copier or printer, there are many copier leasing services in Sacramento that you can contact. Copier Leasing in Sacramento can help you get the copier that you want.