Kyocera’s 54ci and 04i Line: Latest Copiers

While each new piece of copier that came out, we expect to see innovation. A copier like Kyocera’s 54ci and 04i Line is just one of the latest models that maximize its resources. Its usefulness can genuinely help your business. 

Perhaps you are only alright with your current copier and don’t think of changing to anything new. A Kyocera copier will fit right in with your office demands and can upgrade your whole business.

Aside from its easy-to-use, it also has a state-of-the-art innovation. Therefore, it is ready to help your efficiency higher than ever.

The Kyocera 54ci and 04i UIs have been designed to diminish disarray. And improve your company’s abilities, such as helping you have more opportunities for yourself and less workload.

Get to know these models!

What makes Kyocera a good choice?

Kyocera uses artificial intelligence (AI). This helps the execution of the copier. And it can also guarantee you a lasting service. Besides, it’s always helpful to have the most on-trend gear accessible.

Aside from AI, it also offers a much better user experience. You can now highlight a portion of the document without using your scanner. The better part is that this doesn’t influence the original format. 

You can use it for editing papers, surveys, archives, drawings, and different materials. It will turn out with a better result. Moreover, it also has a good picture quality.

Further developing low-goal photos is quick and direct with the new AI abilities. The Kyocera 54 ci and 04i driver has the ‘Super Resolution’ function. This function considers photographs to data on the web and changes low-quality pictures to professional quality.

It would help you get superb quality and save time by making manual adjustments.

Unique Features of Kyocera 54 ci

This model has an expanded security option. Moreover, it has versatile paper handling that doesn’t compromise its high-quality prints. As I’ve mentioned, it’s equipped with AI that could be a better working companion because it doesn’t get exhausted.

This model can accommodate paper sizer A4/A3 pages per minute. This means that if you’re business prints legal documents, you should go with this copier. However, I guess most businesses use legal paper sizes, so there’s nothing to use. 

Here are its other specifications:

  • High-speed(up to 25ppm), whether with color or in a black and white setting.
  • Simple user interface
  • User-friendly
  • Multi-free detection scanning
  • With Cutting Edge security measures
  • Excellent resolution

Special Features Kyocera 04i

On the other hand, here are the unique features of Kyocera 04i.

  • High copy rates (up to 25ppm)
  • High scan rates (up to 200ppm)
  • Simple user interface
  • User-friendly
  • A high-resolution output of 1200 × 1200 dpi
  • S/MIME encryption
  • SCEP auto-update certification 
  • SIEM event monitoring
  • TLSv3 for \ enhanced security
  • Various canning choices (HyPAS-enabled and KNM, MyQ, and KFS ready)

Final Thoughts 

Both of these models have minimized downtime. This means it’s suitable for businesses that print a lot, especially those requiring urgency. Thus it can optimize workflows because it speeds fast and consistently 25 pages each minute. 

You’ll definitely enjoy copying because it’s reliable and flexible. So allow a copier to help you and the nature of the work your organization produces. Remember that great copiers are open and affordable to run, and Kyocera is among the best available.

Are you having a hard time thinking about what to get? We can help you. Just give us a call. Whether it’s about finding out another Kyocera model or ensuring you’re getting the best devices available.

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Get to know Kyocera’s 54ci and 04i Line. They are just two of the latest copiers you can use for your business. Read more.